Mark Your Soap with a DIY Stamp

Now that I’ve been making soap for a while and have mastered making usable bars, I’ve been wanted make them a little more attractive.

I grew up in a house that strictly used Dove soap and have always liked the little dove on each bar.


With that in mind, I set out to make a stamp so that my bars of soap could have their own mark.


  • Polymer clay
  • Liquid clay
  • Exacto knife


  1. Make the stamp’s base. I made an oval slightly larger than the picture I wanted to be turned into my stamp. It’s important that the side that the stamp will be attached to is completely flat so that when you go to use the stamp, you don’t end up with an imprint from the base. Go ahead and bake this for 15 minutes so that you’re sure it’s as flat as possible. IMG_5801
  2. Now make the handle. This can look however you want, but I opted for a smooth little hump that fits my thumb and two fingers so that I always know which side is up when I’m using my stamp. Stick the two pieces together with liquid clay and bake these them for another 15 minutes or so. Desktop7
  3. Now’s the tricky part. You need to cut out the stamp. I would recommend not going any more complicated than my symbol or else you’re just asking to get frustrated. Start by cutting your symbol out of paper (if you can do this, you can do it with clay!). Next, roll out the clay with a rolling pen (or highlighter) so that it’s al an even thickness. Place the paper pattern on top, and start cutting. Once you’ve cut all that you can, use your fingers or any tools you need to smooth out the edges so that there aren’t any crevices where soap will get stuck. Desktop8
  4. Attach the stamp to the base with liquid clay, bake for another 15 minutes and you’ve got a finished stamp.


To use the stamp, press it firmly but delicately into soap bars just after you’ve sliced them.


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