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Salves are easy and effective ways to implement principles of herbalism. You can make a lavender salve that’ll help you calm down, a healing salve that’ll soothe dry skin, or even a chili salve that’ll calm sore muscles.

If you know what you want to fix, you’ve already taken the first step. Next, you need to know what might help make it better. This might take the form of essential oils or herbs and spices.

To turn bits of plant into a full-fledged salve, you’ll need oils, butters, and waxes and a little help in the form of formulas using waxes like beeswax. Conversion tables round it all up by helping you determine how much of each ingredient you’ll need.

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One thought on “Salves

  1. Sandy Rivers says:

    This seems like a great type of formula to try on myself. I have been getting a ton of pains and my family keeps telling me to try salves and such. Do you think something like this will better help out my foot pains?


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