I’m a tiny girl who hails from the very glamorous hinterlands of Ohio. I’m an immigration lawyer and social worker by day. By night, I’m a capoeira-playing, learning-everything-I-possibly-can-about-the-world busy bee. I learn best by getting my hands dirty, and so DIY is my learning method of choice. I like recipes, but I like understanding why better, so you’ll find lots of posts about my take on pop science, math, linguistics, and history on Mamoot.

Why Mamoot? Well, I’m a Wooley, which sounds like woolly, which describes a mammoth, which is “mamut” in Spanish, which was the name of a museum I used to live next to, which everyone constantly mispronounced as “ma mutt,” and so which is easier to write as mamoot.

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Have questions or DIY requests? Contact me!

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