Apothecary is where all my posts about body stuff lives. I’ve organized my site so that you can follow a recipe I’ve already written, read about individual ingredients to understand why different constituents work together, or explore information on my site and others’ to create your own recipes.

Herbalism is using plants for their medicinal purposes – it’s using a salve or drinking a tea to help your body feel better.

Deodorant covers alternatives to store-bought deodorants and antiperspirants. Hair deals with hair gels, oils, and butters as well as hair removal. Lip Balm is all about chapsticks. Salves are balms that help everything from eczema to headaches to cramps. Soap talks about cold process soap making. I write all my recipes using adjustable charts; they’re a little unorthodox, but they’re easy once you get the hang of them. Each subsection is also filled with science, history, and linguistic nerdiness. Besides recipes and information on raw materials, I’ve got a few helpful tools.

If you’re going to start making stuff, you’ll probably need some ingredients. Some can be grown! Others will definitely require a trip to the store or internet.

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