Tying the Knot: Make Your Own Skinny Tie

Let’s talk some more about DIY clothes. Sometimes that’s what has to happen: you’ve got to do it yourself. When it comes to girls who like “menswear,” it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. I know that lots of times I get frustrated when I go shopping because they don’t have what I want, and if they do it’s priced outrageously. There’s really no good reason why you should have to spend twice as much for the women’s version of the exactly same shirt that’s sitting over in the men’s department but isn’t quite made to fit your body. So we’re going to do something about that. This is mutiny: arts and crafts style.

This projects is fun for bois and grrrls of all genders. Are you having trouble finding anything but black skinny ties? Have you been dying to raid your dad’s/brother’s/uncle’s/grandpa’s closet for ties but just can’t figure out how to make their giant ’80s ties work with your getup? Well, the slump is over. Gather up your craft boxes and your nimble,nimble fingers. This one is just as easy as last week, but it requires a little more finesse. Despite traditionally being men’s clothing, ties are delicate silky things that require a light touch and low iron settings.


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