Lavender and Honey Soap

My newest tea purchase was pretty much the opposite of what the box promised.

boring, unfortunately


Not only did this stuff taste more like plain old boring hot water than honey lavender calmness, I managed to lose my fancy thermos on the day I took this to school. Losing a thermos and being sent to 4 different offices before you find the lost and found, only to find that they haven’t found your lost thing ≠ stress relief.

Still, honey lavender sounds like a pretty delicious combination. Not wanting my box of boring tea to go to waste, I used a a little to make some soap.


One note about the color: It’s mysteriously brown. I had a little bit of Jamaican black castor left over from another project so I used it instead of plan cold-pressed castor oil. I suspect that it’s the culprit, but I’m not 100% sure. I don’t mind brownish soap, but if it’s not you’re thing, save your black castor oil for your beautiful hair and use the cheap stuff for your soap.

Lavender and Honey Soap



In the spreadsheet blow, make your own copy in google drive (“File” > “Make a copy” > “OK”). Enter the amount of soap (in grams) you want to make in the pink box and the spreadsheet will auto-calculate ingredient amounts for you. Use a lye calculator to calculate the amount of lye you will need and enter that number in the yellow box.


Follow my general soap making instructions and lye safety tips.

Brew a batch of lavender and honey tea. I used Yogi brand but like I said: it left a little something to be desired. Maybe you can find something better. Once the tea has brewed, remove the tea bag, cut it open, and save the tea leave to add to your batter later. After the tea cools down to room temperature, use it the same as you would water in any other soap recipe.

After your soap batter has reached trace, add lavender essential oil, honey, ground oatmeal (I grind it in my blender), and the tea leaves you saved from making the tea.


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